Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest homes

About a week ago, a few of the trees decided that it was time to start turning color. Trees of bright red began appearing. And now, only a short week later, the others are following suit with golden leaves, orange and brown. The leaves are just starting to fall, so they decoratively line the sides of the streets.

Of course, Halloween is on its way, so our neighbors are decorating their homes. The one across the street has gauze draped here and there on the wrap around porch, with mini-chandeliers behind them, and strings of orange lights. At night, it makes a wonderfully spooky sight. (In the spring, they hung brightly colored umbrellas of all sizes around the porch.)

My husband has trouble finding parking if he goes out at night; we live right across from the historical library and in October they lead ghost tours. All the ghost hunters park on our street.

I love the architectural variety on the streets in the borough. There's one just down the street that looks like the Munsters could have lived there. About half of the houses have plaques proclaiming the year they were built. The wonderful cafe about a block away, Langhorne Coffee House, is in the Edward Hicks house. If the name isn't familiar, his most famous work should be: Peaceable Kingdom. That's the one with wild and domestic animals living peacefully together.