Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Springtime in Pennsylvania

Yes, I know that summer has unofficially begun, as today is Memorial Day. The trees are fully leaved, and fewer have that bright green of new growth. Only a few still have blossoms. But there are still a few signs of spring.

One of my favorites is the first sighting of the Canada geese parents with their goslings, who are the yellow-green color of the outside of a boiled egg yolk. Dad stands guard while Mom has something to eat and watches the goslings to make sure they don't wander into danger.

In early spring, before the eggs are hatched, the pairs of geese are inseparable. The female sitting quietly while the male feeds, and the female eating while the male stands at her side.  I look forward to seeing the goslings, and watching them grow, every year since I have lived here. This year, winter was long and cold and spring seemed so long away. When it finally arrived, I was reluctant for spring to move into summer, but I still find evidence of spring.

Lily of the Valley
One of my favorite scents has always been lily of the valley (and the perfume, Muguet de Bois). I loved the song as a child and have always thought the flowers so delicate and beautiful. But I don't think I have ever seen the plant growing until a few days ago. I looked out the window of the truck when we were stopped at a corner. There were tiny white flowers on the plant growing there. The next time we passed, I looked more closely and was delighted to see that it really was lily of the valley.

Monday, May 26, 2014

R.I.P. Matilda (May 26, 2002 - October 20, 2012)

I adopted Matilda in 2005 at 2 1/2 years old, and she expired of a pancreatic tumor in 2012. She was a beautiful long hair tortoiseshell with intelligent green eyes and the softest fur. She was inquisitive and feared only barking dogs and loud noises. She had the largest vocabulary of any cat I've known, and when we were travelling with her, she swore at Steve when he drove faster than she liked.

She was also a different cat at night, and would be aggressive and fierce. We said that she was afraid of the dark. I'm not sure what it was, but in the middle of the night she would meow like a kitten, then leap as high as she could to bite me. I slept with weights at my bedroom door.

She mellowed a bit when we moved to Pennsylvania. We eventually found a solution to the night aggression. She had her own room, with a litter box and her food. And when we started to see that certain light in her eyes, it was off to bed for her.

She had multiple health issues: asthma, kidney problems, diabetes, and eventually a pancreatic tumor that shrunk her to half her size and diminished her feistiness. Despite all of the troubles we had, I missed her dearly when she was gone.

Celebrating Spring on Polyvore

I have  been going to a writers group for a couple of years. Last year I finally came up with the seeds and general outline for a cozy mystery. It's about a café owner who ends up solving a mystery using her intuitive abilities, and the web savvy of her best friend. I have the first few chapters, seemed to have stalled.

This past year I rediscovered Polyvore, and found there an avenue for my creative impulses. I collected images for the characters, their clothing and moods, and I created a "set" portraying the café.

Morning Glory Café
I haven't done much more writing, but have found an avenue for creative expression, and to keep those creative juices flowing. And hopefully I will return to the writing when the time is right.

I have really enjoyed creating sets expressing the seasons, though I do also create fashion and interior sets as well. Here are some of my spring sets.