Creations of mine that I love: 

Interior design set for a dining table centerpiece.
My favorite home design magazines are in the country or cottage style. This set is inspired by a photo from one of the magazines. I would definitely set my table in this style. I love the fresh greens, the natural materials, the plant designs.

A wedding magazine cover.
As I said above, I love cottage style. If the Cottage Weddings magazine existed, I would spend hours browsing through it. It doesn't matter that I don't have a wedding to plan.

"Mother and Baby Reflecting"
This piece of art combines and modifies three paintings by Jessie Willcox Smith to create a new work. I love the image of the mother gazing into the reflection of her and her baby in the placid river.

"Portrait of Athena"
A portrait of the goddess Athena using her symbols: the owl, the olive tree, the spear, her shield and helmet, with her temple in the background. The calm gaze of the woman in the painting was transformed into the serene, intelligent, strong face of Athena with just a few changes.

Fashion set for road trip.
One of Polyvore's Sixty Second contests - you have 60 seconds to pack for a trip. This is for a road trip in California, so I added some iconic locations, images of street style in California, and created a fashion set that could go from car travel to restaurant dining. I really enjoyed creating this set as it brought back so many memories.

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