All About Me

I was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Southern California and lived there until five years ago, when I moved to Pennsylvania. I have two sisters, a half-sister I haven't seen in decades, and an assortment of step-siblings both former and current. Both of my parents are now deceased.

I lived with roommates until about ten years ago. I shared an apartment with my last roommate for over fifteen years. We were as close as a brother and sister, but he finally found the opportunity to live in the place he loved, on the central California coast. I was on my own for the first time in my life. I did marry - when I was fifty-three. I have no children of my own, but my husband has a twenty-five year old son with Asperger's who lives with us.

I have travelled to Mexico and Canada, went to India to find spiritual guidance, visited my sister Linda in England, and spent two weeks in Egypt helping to teach a training course. When I was in India, I was told by a wise man that I would have three careers in my lifetime.

1) I worked as a preschool teacher for seven years. It could be quite rewarding at times, but didn't pay well at all. So I went back to college (I left after two years to go to India), finished my B.A., then went on to get my M.A. in Education.

2) I ended up in a totally unrelated and fairly obscure career as a cancer registrar. It isn't easy to describe quickly. But if you're interested, go to the National Cancer Registrars Association website for more information. I have worked in that field for about thirty years now. I started at the bottom, and worked up to teaching others as part of my job, and now I'm happy to be just one of the worker bees.

3) I'm still waiting for that third career. I have thought about writing either children's books or mysteries. I have started both, but haven't got past the first few chapters. I have dreamt of interior design, but the classes are quite expensive, and I don't know if I want to put in that much time and effort at this point in my life. I had plans of working in a bookstore when I retire. But I'll be lucky if physical bookstores are still around when I'm able to retire.

So right now I enjoy creating virtual interior design sets, styling clothing, doing flower arrangements, scrapbooking, and creating artwork - all on Polyvore. I love reading, intriguing television shows, watching nature, and exploring the area around me. I love to travel, but mostly just travel for work or to visit relatives. Maybe I'll find that third career one day, but in the meantime I'll just take pleasure in life as it comes.

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