Monday, May 26, 2014

Celebrating Spring on Polyvore

I have  been going to a writers group for a couple of years. Last year I finally came up with the seeds and general outline for a cozy mystery. It's about a café owner who ends up solving a mystery using her intuitive abilities, and the web savvy of her best friend. I have the first few chapters, seemed to have stalled.

This past year I rediscovered Polyvore, and found there an avenue for my creative impulses. I collected images for the characters, their clothing and moods, and I created a "set" portraying the café.

Morning Glory Café
I haven't done much more writing, but have found an avenue for creative expression, and to keep those creative juices flowing. And hopefully I will return to the writing when the time is right.

I have really enjoyed creating sets expressing the seasons, though I do also create fashion and interior sets as well. Here are some of my spring sets.

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