Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Memories

The last two Thanksgivings we have joined Steve's Uncle Kenny & Aunt Joyce and her extended family. They gather at the Bethany Presbyterian Church. They take over the basement social hall and there is a wonderful pot luck luncheon.

Bethany Presbyterian Church
Each family brings food to share and gathers at one of the tables in the room. There are multiple generations and people come from near and far. As you can see, no one goes hungry. There are appetizers, salads, side dishes, turkey, and lots of deserts. After the meal ends, one of the families gets their kids together and assembles a gingerbread house.
Thanksgiving 2011
This year, the church had purchased the house next door, the David Wilder House, so the gathering was held there. The David Wilder House was built in 1809, and originally used as a tavern. It retains a beautiful rustic charm and was decorated for the season.

The David Wilder House
The fireplace in the kitchen has the date engraved on it.

The tables were set up and decorated in the living area which had large wooden beams, and another fireplace.

The food as usual was delicious and bountiful. However, I discovered that though my cranberry sauce was very good, next time I will adjust the recipe and use less sugar and less liquid.

After the meal, I went outside and explored a little, and discovered the graveyard behind the church.

All in all it was a wonderful day, with food, family, good company, and time for contemplation.

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