Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blue birds and greening trees

Spring is on its way. After Groundhog's Day (February 2), known to the Celts as Imbolc and to Christian traditions as Candlemas, I begin looking for the first signs of the return of spring. I wasn't sure what to expect here in Pennsylvania. The week afterwards, I realized that birds were singing and I later spotted robins gathered at the side of the road.

Mother Nature seemed reluctant to give up on Winter however, and the cold weather continued. Last week we had a six inches of snow and the temperature was in the teens and twenties. Finally on Friday, the weather started turning. Saturday morning, I spotted an Eastern bluebird perched on our fence outside the kitchen window, and my husband saw a blue jay harassing the other birds in the yard next door.

This morning, we went out without even a light jacket on, and the tree next to the driveway had tiny greenish brown leaves just starting to burst forth. I have enjoyed the cold and snow, but now I am excited to experience spring here. I cannot wait for the greening to begin in earnest.

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